Your concern for security, demands a Discreet Security Vehicle (DSV) manufacturer with a unique set of capabilities. You rely on your DSV supplier to provide the knowledge, experience, talent and ability to design, manufacture and field a vehicle that meets your safety and security requirements. O’Gara people are experienced and deliver.

The experienced buyer values the benefits of coupling precision engineering and competency of our people. Travel in safety. Travel discreetly. Travel with assurance.

Coupling Precision Engineering and Competency of our People

Critical O’Gara manufacturing employees average 26 years building armored vehicles.
Capabilities Benefit
O'Gara people experienced with advanced and lightweight armor materials Material science knowledge integrated into your security vehicle design and material selection
O’Gara people experienced with science and physics of survivability Blast and ballistics physics knowledge is incorporated into your security vehicle
O'Gara people engineered and built military tactical wheeled vehicles Integrate knowledge of advanced threat mitigation in design and manufacturing techniques for optimal security
In-house transparent armor production Advantages in achieving:
Optimal safety performance (engineered integration into the vehicle)
Cost containment
Fielded tens of thousands of life saving systems in Government and
   Military vehicles
Setting a New Standard
Capabilities Integrity Reliability Evolution