A History of Evolving a New Standard

Benefit from more than 130 years of protecting human life embodied in O’Gara mobile systems; a history of excellence, adaptation and renewal.

The O’Gara history includes presidential limousines from Truman to Reagan, and armored limousines for high profile individuals; a company that has responded to the changing security threats to both the military and commercial vehicles; and a company that has developed and acquired expertise in security and defense.

You benefit from the knowledge of the O’Gara-Hess and Eisenhardt, Armor Holdings, and BAE Commercial Armored Vehicles businesses through our company's evolution. You reap the benefits of knowledge capture in product development and manufacturing process which today uniquely positions O’Gara Mobile System’s capabilities. This captured knowledge is critical as proprietary designs and processes are used to meet specific operating requirements needed to maintain the integrity of each security vehicle.

Travel in safety. Travel discreetly. Travel with assurance. Travel with O’Gara quality and excellence.

New Standard — Excellence in performance and integration
The armor integrity and quality engineering of O’Gara discreet security vehicles is proven not only by intensive testing with hundreds of shots focused on vulnerable areas, but by multiple designs approved by DOS and Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) Aberdeen Proving Grounds ATC.
Beyond armoring, O’Gara is setting a new standard in Electronics equipment integration (C4I). This integration includes engineered power management, discreet appearance, systematically routed mechanicals, and user friendly interface with the vehicle.
Setting a New Standard
Capabilities Integrity Reliability Evolution